GCA Comfort Plus Warranty

We offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all GCA (Nagor and Eurosilicone) breast implants*

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General Comfort Plus Warranty Information


GC Aesthetics is a manufacturer and seller of medical implants and associated products and does not substitute the expertise and experience of your registered medical Physician. You should discuss any medical concerns about your implants with your registered medical Physician.

Your Physician is responsible for explaining and making sure that you are fully informed about all the potential risks and complications associated with any medical procedure and in particular with Breast Implants.

GCA supplies Physicians with detailed instructions for use in relation to its Nagor and Eurosilicone products and provides a patient information booklet. Your medical Physician will give you a copy of this booklet. However, these materials cannot replace a full and open discussion between you and your medical Physician about the procedure, choice of implants, and the risks and benefits of the procedure.

*Warranty applies to all GCA silicone gel breast implants implanted by an appropriately qualified and licensed Physician in accordance with accepted surgical procedures and techniques, and in strict accordance with the GCA “Instructions for Use” supplied with the product.

  • Iconpedia Eve.4 38 - Comfort Plus WarrantyHow long does the warranty last?

    For the lifetime of the Patient.

  • Iconpedia Eve.4 40 - Comfort Plus WarrantyAre previously implanted products covered?

    Yes, the warranty is retrospective and will cover all currently implanted GCA (Nagor and Eurosilicone) gel- filled breast implants.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 27 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWho can submit a complaint or claim request?

    Healthcare professionals. If you are a patient, we invite you to contact your registered medical practitioner in order to get the appropriate support.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 19 - Comfort Plus WarrantyHow long will it take to confirm whether I am eligible to claim under the GCA warranty?

    It is our priority to give customer confidence. We deal with all requests as a matter of urgency, so our average response time is 72 hours from receipt of accurate information provided using the GCA ‘Customer Complaint Form’.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 18 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhat information is required and why?

    As a responsible company we follow all regulatory requirements in countries where we trade. As a minimum, the medical practitioner will need to provide us with: the brand, model, size, lot number and serial number of the explanted product(s), and the reason for the claim as documented in our ‘Customer Complaint Form’. We may request additional information depending on your concern in order to provide the best support.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 01 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhat brands are covered?

    All GCA breast implants (Nagor and Eurosilicone) brands.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 21 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhat products are covered?

    Silicone gel-filled breast implants.  


    Warranty in the event of rupture and/or capsular contracture


    Capsular Contracture complications which may occur in connection with breast implants are a recognised and non-fault complication sometimes associated with breast implant surgery and is one of the most common reasons for further surgery.

    Implants may rupture for various reasons (through no defect of the implant). All implants have a life expectancy and will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Iconpedia Eve.4 43 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhat does this warranty cover?

    GCA provides free of charge replacement implants in the event of rupture of one or both* implants. GCA provides free of charge replacement implants in the event of capsular contracture (Grade III or IV only on the Baker Scale) of one or both* implants. *Contralateral exchange

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 08 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhich replacements are available?

    Any model, size or style from our GCA brands (Nagor or Eurosilicone) of breast implants from the current catalogue.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 20 - Comfort Plus WarrantyHow do I claim on the warranty for rupture or capsular contracture?

    Complete the GCA ‘Customer Complaint Form’ and supply associated evidence. On receipt of adequate information, the complaint will be processed and we will confirm whether or not the application is successful.


    Warranty in the event of BIA-ALCL


    BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) is an extremely rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Prior to surgery, surgeons are responsible for informing and educating their patients on the risks and potential adverse effects of breast implant surgery and should advise patients on potential BIA-ALCL symptoms to look out for , such as persistent swelling or pain in or around the breast area.

    There are thought to be many different factors that can lead to the development of BIA-ALCL. It is vitally important that a patient discusses any concerns relating to BIA-ALCL with their surgeon or qualified medical professional. To qualify for this warranty BIA-ALCL must be clinically diagnosed by surgeons or other medically qualified professionals and confirmation of such diagnosis should be provided to GC Aesthetics and take the form of appropriate diagnostic histopathology / haematology reports and scans, and any other reports deemed acceptable by GC Aesthetics.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 26 - Comfort Plus WarrantyHow do I register a ‘Customer Complaint Form’?

    For Nagor products email: ukvigilance@gcaesthetics.com For Eurosilicone products email: return@gcaesthetics.com

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 17 - Comfort Plus WarrantyMedical referral

    If you have any concerns about BIA-ALCL in connection with your GCA implants you should discuss those concerns with your surgeon or qualified medical professional.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 22 - Comfort Plus WarrantyAre there any time limitations on the warranty?

    No, there are no time limits. The warranty applies to all implanted GCA (Nagor or Eurosilicone) implants, but not where symptoms could be linked to non GCA breast implants.

  • GCA ICONS SET ORANGE 24 - Comfort Plus WarrantyWhat does this BIA-ALCL warranty cover?

    GCA offers the following warranty when BIA-ALCL is confirmed by a qualified medical professional and GCA demonstrates that the patient is eligible for the Comfort Plus warranty:

    • Reimbursement of up to $3,000 towards (a) the cost of necessary medical diagnostics and scan(s) and (b) the cost of necessary surgery to remove the breast implant(s) and associated scar tissue.
    • In the event the patient experiences multiple qualified events, GCA will only make one payment up to the defined maximum mentioned above and based on submission of supporting incurred expense receipts.
    • Replacement implants: GCA will replace breast implants with any model, size, or style, from the significant range of GCA breast implants currently featured in our catalogue.
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    GCA Comfort Plus Warranty

    Download the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty leaflet

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    GCA Comfort Plus Warranty

    Download the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty leaflet

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