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GCA’s purpose has always been to be a real partner for plastic surgeons worldwide, offering you not only safe and reliable products, but also the ability to grow within your career.

That’s why we launched the GCA Academy, a 360º international training project committed to bringing the surgical community together through the dissemination of scientific knowledge and continued education opportunities.

The GCA Academy consists of a combination of:

  • Face-to-face trainings (symposia, live surgery workshops, product training). These provide great opportunities to network whilst receiving valuable insights and training from KOLs.
  • Online content through our platform www.gcaacademy.com which offers the opportunity to watch live surgeries on demand, learn about products and techniques, and get advice from KOLs

In 2012, we started our GCA Academy in Latin America and in 2017 after five years of success we decided to make it bigger, expanding the program worldwide.

Since 2017, hundreds of surgeons have attended our educational events and thousands have joined virtually for our webinars.

We hope you’ll join the GCA Academy to take advantage of on-demand educational content and the opportunity to meet in person to network and learn first-hand from experts at our surgical workshops or Masters Academies.

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