Eve 4.0 AI

Attract, educate and convert more patients with the new Eve 4.0 imaging application.

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Eve 4.0 by GCA

New breast augmentation simulator.
A unique experience for patients who are considering breast surgery.

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Impress your patients and effectively engage them with an augmented reality simulation of how they could look post operation.


More patient satisfaction means more referrals, means more business.



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A unique patient experience


Eve 4.0 is easy to use software that together with a handheld scanner can be easily installed on to your iPad, allowing real-time results to be broadcast to a larger screen or device for instant review.



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Key features of Eve 4.0


  • Real-time simulation – augmented reality tracks the patient moving so the image is accurate.
  • Measure and save your patient data. All information saved on the platform will be backed up to iCloud.
  • Try different sizes in seconds to achieve the desired look. Select from the wide range of GCA implants (Eurosilicone and Nagor).
  • Remote patient access to their data, images and simulation video.

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