GCA® is proud to be the main sponsors of the 9th International Breast Symposium

GC Aesthetics® is delighted to be the main sponsors of the 9th International Breast Symposium in Düsseldorf (IBSD) on the 19 to 21 of August 2021 at the InterContinental Hotel in Düsseldorf situated at the Königsallee. The meeting will be held as a hybrid event due to the still ongoing global pandemic, which means you can register to watch the sessions online as well.

The congress will focus on breast and body with live surgeries on August 19 and 20th. There will be 14 surgeries, 3 theaters in 2 days. GC Aesthetics® will have the esteemed PD Dr. Georg Huemer from Austria performing a live mastopexy augmentation surgery on Thursday using our very own, HydroCone™ and PERLE™.

The President, Prof. Dr. Med. Christoph Andree stated that one of the main objectives of the symposiums to have lively scientific controversial discussions together with the participants and the faculty. With a special focus on pro- and contra sessions to take the great opportunity to strengthen the multidisciplinary approach between the colleagues to create a platform for an open discussion from different perspectives.

It is our pleasure to welcome the International Breast Symposium this year again to Düsseldorf. The mixture of life surgery and plenary sessions ensures a high quality lectures with intense interaction plus the presentation of new developments. GC Aesthetics is proud to be part of the meeting, featuring our new implant PERLE™ and HydroCone™, our insertion device to enable a minimal touch technique. Besides the life surgery using PERLE and HydroCone™ we are proud to present the most diversified portfolio in the Industry.  

Please step by at our booth in order to get the latest updates directly from GC Aesthetics®.

Christian Mueller-Wittig

Country Manager Germany, GC Aesthetics

We are very happy to participate in this prestigious event to have many of Europe’s best Plastic Surgeons sharing knowledge, discussing industry innovations, techniques and findings.

Stop by our booth Nº 5

We are beyond excited to engage face-to-face in our booth Nº5, which will be available on August 19-21. We are focused on sharing the most exciting launches for breast implant market. Discover #ONEGCA and learn more about the latest innovations for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

You’ll be able to check out our full range of pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery products – we recommend stopping by to learn more about the newest launches from GC Aesthetics®: PERLE, HydroCone and our GCA Comfort Plus Warranty. 

For more information on the program and registration:

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