Busting Out: New Vision For Implant Manufacturer

GC Aesthetics

Revolutionary Consumer-Focused Approach for Medical Device Multinational

London – 20th July, 2013 – In an unprecedented move for a medical device company, one of the world’s leading breast implant manufacturers today announces its official and groundbreaking re-launch as a consumer brand; shedding the clinical and corporate image traditional in the sector and emerging with a new focus under the leadership of the industry’s first-ever female CEO. Global Consolidated Aesthetics (GCA) is implementing critical changes across their 30+ year-old brands to enable them to link directly with, and relate to the end user: women.

In the wake of a health scandal which saw tens of thousands of patients worldwide fitted with substandard breast implants, GC Aesthetics, which owns the UK’s only implant manufacturer, Nagor as well as French brand Eurosilicone, is drawing on its strengths, expertise and longstanding tradition of quality to lead the way in restoring public confidence in the cosmetic surgery sector. Through a brand image overhaul alongside a combination of new initiatives, interactive social media platforms and even an open-door policy for visits to their manufacturing facilities, the company is reaching out in a youthful, female-friendly approach so patients can feel informed, reassured and empowered about their choice of breast surgery.

Unlike other breast implant companies which remain corporate and male-led, marketing primarily to plastic surgeons, GC Aesthetics and its brands are turning conventional industry strategy on its head – via consumer-friendly websites and lifestyle polls, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, regular focus groups and unique patient privileges. CEO and ex-Pfizer executive Ayse Kocak, who helped launch brands such as Viagra, wants customers to ask questions and interact directly with the company as well as each other, so they can feel empowered and fully informed regarding life-changing choices they’re making about their bodies. Ayse says:

“In traditional surgical procedures involving a medical device, it is actually rare that the patient will ask questions or indeed be involved in the decisionmaking process as to what product is being used. However at GC Aesthetics we feel that in regards to the highly personal choice of breast surgery, they should be aware and fully informed every step of their journey. We are helping women change the way they feel about themselves, therefore it is essential that we relate to them and understand their needs. Our brands have a long tradition of quality and the respect of the surgical community; it’s high time we level the playing field and involve the end user as well in this process: women.”

GC Aesthetics has recently achieved exponential growth; they plan to double production and increase numbers of their 300+ staff (66% of which are female) with an aim to become the leading independent medical aesthetics company by 2015. Their brands combined produce nearly 300,000 implants each year in a wide range with nearly 600 unique types varying in shape, texture and projection exported to nearly 90 countries.

To help lead the company through its change in direction and reinforce its commitment through an increase in marketing spend, alongside CEO Ayse Kocak a new team of higher calibre than ever before has also been appointed. This includes London-based Global Brand Director Faye Mingo, who previously worked at UK pregnancy and baby company Bounty and healthcare company Kimberly Clark; European General Director Nic Steventon, formerly of rival implant business Mentor; new Chief Financial Officer Gary McGrath and VP of EU and Emerging Markets Ayhan Aslan. They join company veterans such as COO Barry Hatt and country Commercial Managers Eddie de Oliveira and Bernardo Garduño.

Ayse Kocak concludes;

“We are delighted to further establish our company as one that listens and responds to women. We want to encourage them to undertake thorough research prior to surgery, and are excited to offer multiple new channels so they can share their experiences with us and each other.”

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