GC Aesthetics implants arrive in Costa Rica

GC Aesthetics in Costa Rica

After a rigorous regulatory process lead in tandem by our distributor Latinoamerican Medical Group (LMG) and our Global Regulatory Team, GC Aesthetics breast implants in the Eurosilicone range are now present in Costa Rica. We are pleased to announce that the first shipment took place in June and the first in-market sales took place in July.

Latinoamerican Medical Group is our exclusive distributor for Costa Rica. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and world-class products.

Established in 2013, LMG also distributes dermal fillers, botulinum toxin, medical girdles and medical cosmetics; GCA products strategically complement its offer and contribute to strengthen LMG’s leadership position in Costa Rica.

”We are very pleased to be serving surgeons and patients in Costa Rica confirming our commitment to expand into key regional and global markets.  By leveraging GCA’s heritage with in-country expertise and exceptional service levels, we are confident Eurosilicone implants are only the beginning of a long story of patient and surgeon satisfaction in the years to come.”

Bernardo Garduño

General Manager N. Latam, GC Aesthetics

“For LMG it is an honour to represent GCA’s Eurosilicone given its international pre-eminence and European legacy. In conjunction with our exceptional service levels and dedicated plastic surgery focus in the country, Eurosilicone implants will leave and indelible user experience for surgeons and patients.”

Alejandro Vargas

Gerente General, Latinoamerican Medical Group

Costa Rica, along with Panama where GC Aesthetics’ Eurosilicone range has been present for over 15 years, is a key market in our expansion strategy. With a population of 5 million and the second highest per capita income in the Central America Isthmus, Costa Rica boasts a large service sector and is hub to important medical device manufactures in many therapeutic areas.

Known as the Switzerland of the Americas in lieu of its neutral pacifist policies, it boasts an exemplar record of nature conservation, high human development index and strategic conversion to renewable energy alternatives.


To get in touch with Latinoamerican Medical group we invite you to reach out:

Latinoamerican Medical Group

Calle 108 Belén

Heredia, 40703

Costa Rica

Phone icon

+506 2100-6303

About GC Aesthetics 

GC Aesthetics is an established global medical technology company that develops, manufactures in-house and markets a comprehensive range of proprietary aesthetic products that empower patients to feel confident and secure in their personal journey. Throughout 40 years of commercial presence, GCA has been dedicated to advancing the science of medical aesthetics and delivering high-quality silicone breast implants under its premium Nagor and Eurosilicone brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstructive surgery. We have sold more than 3 million implants across 70 countries and our products are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness. The company’s vertically integrated strategy enables exceptional clinical, operational and commercial performance, which allows GCA to provide competitively differentiated products to physicians and patients. Through a culture of continuous innovation and dedication to customer-responsiveness, GCA has established itself as a leading provider of medical aesthetics solutions and the partner-of-choice for patients seeking to improve their lives.

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