GC Aesthetics announces the release of minimal-touch insertion device, HydroCone

Introducing HydroCone

GC Aesthetics Ltd (GCA), one of the world’s leading producers of silicone implants has announced a brand new breast delivery device, HydroCone, designed to make the insertion of all silicone implants easier with minimal-touch delivery across a variety of different surgical approaches.

HydroCone is a sterile single patient use device which features great benefits for surgeons. The inner surface coating is made of hyaluronic acid which becomes extremely slippery when hydrated with sterile saline solution, aiming to make the surgery more efficient1. Employing a minimal-touch delivery technique may reduce postoperative complications. 234

Ron Cosmas, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), said:

“As a global leader in the women’s health arena, with over 3,000,000 implants sold, it is now more than ever, more critical that GC Aesthetics works closely with our surgeons, educators and innovators to ensure patient safety.  The addition of this elegantly simply device, is the first of many additions to the GCA portfolio in 2020 and H-1, 2021.”

Regarding the importance of the HydroCone for both patients and physicians, who will both benefit from this product launch, Ron commented:

“The addition of the HydroCone to the GCA portfolio further exemplifies our commitment to patient safety, while maximizing surgical efficiency and efficacy.  Surgeons across the EU will soon have access to a device which is designed to minimize skin/implant contact, while circumferentially distributing the localized force applied on an implant at time of insertion.”

GC Aesthetics will be holding live workshops and virtual events to educate customers on the benefits of using breast implant delivery devices in surgery as well as guiding surgeons from consultation to surgery to recovery.

HydroCone will first be available in the French, Spanish, German and Italian markets. Coverage to additional markets is expected to be rolled out later in the year.

For more information regarding the HydroCone by GC Aesthetics, surgeons can visit the GC Aesthetics website for the latest information and updates.


Notes to Editors


About GC Aesthetics 

GC Aesthetics is an established global medical technology company that develops, manufactures in-house and markets a comprehensive range of proprietary aesthetic products that empower patients to feel confident and secure in their personal journey. Throughout 40 years of commercial presence, GCA has been dedicated to advancing the science of medical aesthetics and delivering high-quality silicone breast implants under its premium Nagor and Eurosilicone brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstructive surgery. We have sold more than 3 million implants across 70 countries and our products are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness. The company’s vertically integrated strategy enables exceptional clinical, operational and commercial performance, which allows GCA to provide competitively differentiated products to physicians and patients. Through a culture of continuous innovation and dedication to customer-responsiveness, GCA has established itself as a leading provider of medical aesthetics solutions and the partner-of-choice for patients seeking to improve their lives.


Contact Details

Holly Barry / Digital PR Strategist / Holly@theevergreenagency.co.uk

GC Aesthetics Marketing / marketing@gcaesthetics.com

  1. Montemurro et al. Implant insertion time and incision length in breast augmentation surgery with the Keller Funnel: Results from a comparative study. Aesth Plast Surg. 2019; 43; 881 – 889.
  2. Moyer, H.R. et al (2012). Contamination in Smooth Gel Breast Implant Placement: Testing a Funnel Versus Digital Insertion Technique in a Cadaver Model. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 32(2) 194-199
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