Nagor supports New Initiative for Implant Safety

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UK breast company Nagor supports new initiative for implant safety 

Founding Partner ‘Nagor’ to Back “£1 per Implant” Venture

In light of the 2013 Report on the Review of Cosmetic Interventions, in which Sir Bruce Keogh lamented the “insufficient research on the effectiveness and risks of many cosmetic procedures”, the UK’s only implant manufacturer Nagor has today announced it is one of the first founding partners of the Breast Safety Implant Campaign, an implementation of the National Institute of Aesthetic Research, which launched today. NIAR is a joint initiative by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the Healing Foundation, which launched the first-of-its-kind model to boost research, addressing the sector’s ‘data vacuum’.

Nagor, part of GC Aesthetics and the UK’s only breast implant manufacturing company, are delighted to be involved in this groundbreaking initiative following from being the world’s only implant manufacturer to help PIP victims by offering free replacements for ruptured devices. Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure, despite the recent public scandal involving Poly Implant Prosthèse (PIP) implants. NIAR are establishing the Breast Safety Implant Campaign as a priority, with breast implant manufacturers worldwide being invited to contribute the equivalent of £1 per implant sold towards funding a research programme aimed at improving all aspects of breast implant safety, treatment and aftercare.

Nic Steventon, General Director for Europe at GC Aesthetics, says;

“We are thrilled to take part in this pioneering initiative, which reinforces our commitment to patient safety, our own synergy with the plastic surgery community and shared scientific ideals.”

Ayse Kocak, CEO of Global Consolidated (GC) Aesthetics – the parent company of Nagor and its sister company Eurosilicone – says:

“We are honoured to be involved in the Breast Implant Safety Campaign initiative. At the forefront of GC Aesthetics’ objectives is a deep and unrivalled commitment towards patient safety and industry control. We are delighted to help boost research and analysis by supporting this groundbreaking idea.”

NIAR’s areas of enquiry may include,

  • an improved understanding of the psychosocial factors behind women seeking breast enhancement surgery,
  • providing an independent analysis and comment on data which will come from the Breast Implant Register which Government has recommended,
  • promoting clinical research into the safety and efficacy of surgical techniques in breast implant surgery,
  • analysing existing data on breast surgery to provide evidence based advice for surgeons which may help to define “best practice”,
  • scientific research into the causes of capsular contracture following breast implants, and
  • longer term scientific research into implant design and technology for the prospects of developing implants with more favorable interface characteristics with the breast.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Rajiv Grover;

“We are delighted to work with GC Aesthetics as a founding partner in order to fund further scientific research and continuing to put patient safety first.”

All research undertaken by the Healing Foundation under the auspices of the NIAR is subject to the charity’s existing, stringent processes of research management.  The Healing Foundation is a registered charity and a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).


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