GC Aesthetics announces new Head of Medical Affairs

Chris Brotherston

GC Aesthetics is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Chris Brotherston as “GCA Head of Medical Affairs”.

This newly created position brings together our technical, regulatory, and clinical functions across the organisation to support the effective and efficient delivery of innovative products and services to meet our customer’s needs.

This role will also provide technical and scientific input into our communication channels for internal and external stakeholders.

Chris has a background in applied research and holds a First-Class Honours degree and PhD in medical microbiology from the University of Glasgow where he worked on the pathogenesis of whooping cough and Group B streptococcal infections in neonates.

Since joining Nagor and then GCA, Chris has held various regulatory, quality, technical and leadership roles. He has extensive experience managing across borders, delivering regulatory solutions for new products across global markets and his team in the UK, France and Brazil has delivered the recent expansion of GCA’s global regulatory footprint in Europe, MEAR, APAC and HLATAM.

Chris recently completed his MBA at the University of Strathclyde where his project on Product Portfolio Management was awarded the Deans Commendation Prize.

We sat down with Chris to ask him about the new role and get some insight into his leadership style:


What do you find interesting about the Head of Medical Affairs role?

Like for everyone else in the organisation it’s been a challenging few months and I feel really happy and lucky to be back working and helping the organisation and supporting our customers. Medical Affairs is new role for me but it is also a completely new role for the organisation. So, this is something of a blank canvas which is both exciting and also a bit scary.  My past roles have been more internal to the organisation, but with this new role I am looking forward to working with our team to help our surgeons and patients hear about all the great science we do in designing, developing and also making our products.


What do you consider the biggest challenges and opportunities?

The greatest opportunities in GCA come from the size and flexibility of working in a relatively small organisation which has a global reach. I love that the organisation is small enough that you ‘touch the sides’, but wide enough that you can speak to people across the globe every single day. This means that we can all really make a difference and have an impact– good or bad – in what we do. I think the first challenge in the new role will be in defining simply what is meant by ‘medical affairs’ and translating that into something which helps our customers and the organisation. A challenging and exiting new chapter, just as I have turned 50!


Could you tell us a bit more about your career path within GCA?

I came from a science background and was used to working in laboratories before I joined GCA. However, after setting fire to a few labs (including our UK microbiology lab J) and a few other mishaps along the way, I realised it was probably safer for me to work in an office! Joking aside, making a difference is something which has always driven me. I felt I could do that quicker and more effectively applying some science in an office environment and that is how I ended up working in regulatory affairs where I have spent a lot of my career in Biosil, Nagor and then GCA. I have always found the medical and scientific side of things really interesting (call me a geek!) and a career in regulatory and now medical affairs allows you to do that and gives great opportunities to take complex technical subjects and make sense of them internally and to the world outside.


What has been your proudest moment at GCA so far?

There is probably no one single thing that has made me proud, but the thing that gives me greatest pleasure is seeing people grow and succeed in teams and seeing the power that teams can have working together to overcome challenges and achieve a shared goal. I have seen that in spades in GCA whether it is in developing and launching new products, getting over manufacturing and supply issues or people just not taking an easy ‘no/non/não/nein/nae…’ as the first answer. At GCA we are resilient and our DNA helps us succeed, and I guess that make me proud to still be in GCA after so many years.


How do you keep on top of the latest medical news?

I guess I read and more importantly I try to listen! The information sources are endless and data and nowadays news comes at us so quickly from all angles and the challenge is to make sense of it and not react to everything we hear. I suppose that philosophy of measured listening could be applied both in work but also in the world outside where we have to inform ourselves and challenge what we hear!


What’s your favourite film and why?

Favourite film would have to be ‘Stand by me’ based on the Stephen King book. It’s about young people growing up and developing and loyalty and friendship, all things which matter to me!

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