GC Aesthetics Publishes Results of Eight Year Clinical Study

Eight year clinical study

Breast Augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment in the world. As the number of augmentations continues to rise, safety has never been more important. With a strong commitment to setting the ‘Gold Standard’ in care, quality and safety for patients and surgeons alike, GC Aesthetics, a global leader in the medical aesthetics space, is conducting a 10-year long-term clinical study into the safety of the implants expertly produced by one of their brands, Eurosilicone.

This is the eight-year interim results update of this ten-year prospective clinical study which reviewed the safety and performance of Eurosilicone’s breast implants at 17 private and university hospitals in France. In total, 526 women were involved in the study, in a total of 995 implants. This study was recently published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Eurosilicone’s results demonstrated a very high safety rate. With a rupture rate of less than 2% and a reoperation rate of 3.6%, the findings were shown to be lower than the nine-year study reported by other breast implant manufacturers. 

Ayse Kocak, CEO of GC Aesthetics comments,

“As a global leader in the breast implant space, GC Aesthetics is committed to defining and upholding the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to safety, care and quality. I believe this study is the largest prospective study of breast implants in Europe. We thrive on delivering the best possible products, and the results of the eight-year study further demonstrate our very high safety rate which should give our surgeons and their patients further peace of mind.Whilst we are delighted to see these results, we will continue to use these findings to help further enhance our services and products to ensure we offer the very best to both surgeons and patients.”


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