Leading Implant Manufacturer Funds Research into Socioeconomic Effects of Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstruction

Dublin – 23rd of February 2017 – A leading global breast implant manufacturer has today announced that it will be funding research into the socio-economic impact of breast cancer diagnoses. GC Aesthetics, a leading medical aesthetics and breast implant company, is working alongside internationally revered plastic surgeons to curate in-depth research that not only explores the social and economic changes the diagnosis of breast cancer has on women, but also the possible impact on their work, sexuality and even children.

The aim of the study is to analyse the overarching effect of breast cancer diagnoses on women’s lives and families, spearheaded by high-profile names such as Spanish plastic surgeon Professor Jaume Masia. It will include interviewing women about the impact breast cancer has had on their sexuality, household and social activities, work and their children. An estimated 175 women will take part over a three-month period, which commenced in December 2016 and will run to March 2017, and it is hoped the pilot study will lead on to a further, more comprehensive European study. Clinicians responsible for visiting breast cancer patients, such as Professor Masia, have contributed towards the creation of the survey and, along with GC Aesthetics, are seeking to ensure that data is collected sensitively.

Professor Masia, the leading investigator of the study says,

“This is a groundbreaking study which aims, for the first time, to quantify the significant impact that a lack of reconstruction can have to a woman. Our hypothesis is that the long term cost to society is much higher than the actual cost of the reconstruction and we are delighted to be working with GC Aesthetics on this important project.”

GC Aesthetics, the parent company of both the UK’s only breast implant manufacturer, Nagor, and French sister brand Eurosilicone, is committed to caring for women before and following their breast cancer journey. With a heritage of over 30 years and known for their commitment for quality and safety, GC Aesthetics sells products in over 80 countries; and has previously released a set of videos for Breast Cancer Awareness, which gave health and nutrition tips to help to holistically support women through reconstructive surgery.

GC Aesthetics’ Chief Executive Ayse Kocak, who is the industry’s only female CEO, says:

“GC Aesthetics is a company committed to the support of women from diagnosis to recovery, and beyond. By funding this research into the far-reaching impact breast cancer can have on a woman, her activities and surroundings, we will be given an insight into how best we can help support them and their families through this time. We are delighted to be working with internationally renowned surgeons such as Professor Masia, and we look forward to offering care in any way we can.”

The survey plan has already been approved by the Clinical Research Institutional Review Board of the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, and the specific objectives are as follows:

  • – To assess the perception of possible academic impact on children of women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To determine the perception of social and economic impact in the short and intermediate term of women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To explore the determinants of social and economic changes in the short and intermediate term of women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To determine the short and intermediate impact on work in women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To explore the perception of social and economic welfare in relation to the disease in women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To assess the current quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • – To pilot this project in order to plan a future European study.

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