Live your breast life

Join our #LiveYourBreastLife campaign and help raise awareness about breast cancer. 

What is “Live your breast life”?

At GC Aesthetics, we believe in supporting patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Now in its second year, “Live your breast life” is a campaign designed to provide support to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Through educational resources about breast cancer and breast reconstruction, access to our safe and reliable products, and fundraising activities for breast cancer research and better patient care, “Live your breast life” is about supporting women so they can live life to the fullest.


Help us raise money for Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s biggest breast cancer charity.

Check your breasts

Make sure to take care of your health, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast reconstruction

Discover information about breast reconstruction options and listen to survivor testimonials.


Download social media graphics and spread the word with your network.

About GC Aesthetics

GC Aesthetics is an established global medical technology company that develops, manufactures in-house and markets a comprehensive range of proprietary aesthetic products that empower patients to feel confident and secure in their personal journey.

Throughout 40 years of commercial presence, GCA has been dedicated to advancing the science of medical aesthetics and delivering high-quality silicone breast implants under its premium Nagor and Eurosilicone brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstructive surgery. We have sold more than 3 million implants across 70 countries and our products are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness.