HydroCone by GCA

A sterile, single patient use implant insertion device made from a clear polymeric material that is soft and flexible.

Available in limited markets.

GC Aesthetics expands its offering with this new breast implant delivery device designed to make the insertion of all silicone gel implants easier.

What is HydroCone?

  • HydroCone is a sterile, single patient use device which makes inserting silicone gel implants easier.
  • The inner surface has a coating made of hyaluronic acid, which is extremely slippery when hydrated with sterile saline solution.
HydroCone packaging and device

How to use HydroCone?

Hydrating HydroCone


Hydrate the device with sterile solution through the open part of the device.

Close it with your hand to keep the liquid in and rotate to fully hydrate the internal surface.

Loading a breast implant into HydroCone


Round implants are placed directly into the device from the packaging patch side down for proper orientation.

For anatomical implants, take care to orient the device properly based on your incision location.

These implants must be hand-placed with the proper orientation into the device.

Trimming HydroCone


The trim line provides a guideline of where to trim the device according to the cc volume of the implant, with considerations provided for profile type, textured or shaped implants.

These are suggested guidelines of where to trim HydroCone. It is the responsibility of the user to assure the opening is adequate for the implant to pass through the funnel successfully.

It is important to properly trim the device to allow the implant to pass with minimal effort.

For anatomical implants, the device must be trimmed significantly larger to allow the implant to pass through.

Propel the breast implant into the body using HydroCone


Gently propel the implant through the device into the surgical pocket.

What are the benefits of HydroCone?

  • Uses minimal-touch delivery technique which may reduce post-operative complications123
  • Ease of insertion which may reduce surgery time in the OR making the process more efficient4
  • Helps to distribute the force applied to the implant
  • Works with all silicone implants and with different surgical approaches
Breast surgeon operating, showing HydroCone box

HydroCone, the GCA breast implant delivery system that can help you to achieve a better outcome, by optimizing your time during surgery and reducing risk of complications.

About GC Aesthetics


GC Aesthetics is an established global medical technology company that develops, manufactures in-house and markets a comprehensive range of proprietary aesthetic products that empower patients to feel confident and secure in their personal journey.

Throughout 40 years of commercial presence, GCA has been dedicated to advancing the science of medical aesthetics and delivering high-quality silicone breast implants under its premium Nagor and Eurosilicone brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstructive surgery. We have sold more than 3 million implants across 70 countries and our products are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness.

The company’s vertically integrated strategy enables exceptional clinical, operational and commercial performance, which allows GCA to provide competitively differentiated products to physicians and patients. Through a culture of continuous innovation and dedication to customer-responsiveness, GCA has established itself as a leading provider of medical aesthetics solutions and the partner-of-choice for patients seeking to improve their lives.

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