Our vision and values focus on safety, quality and reliability. We will continue to build on our strong reputation by innovating, listening and improving as we strive to become the most-trusted and first-choice provider of surgical aesthetics.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be a professional partner who empowers and supports people’s body-transformation journey towards a healthier, happier, more vibrant and more confident self.

Our Values

We are proud of our ethical approach to business and medical aesthetics. We look forward to expanding our network of partnerships with customers and medical professionals, who are our best brand advocates.

We care
about you.

Real empowerment begins with feeling good about yourself and the way you look. We train and educate our professionals to take care of every detail in order to help you become your best self.

We care about

Every doctor and specialist who works with us becomes a GCA brand ambassador. We support their continuous development and provide access to our exclusive GCA Academy. The Academy provides online training and a selection of limited-entry VIP events.

We care
about society.

We pride ourselves on being a partner to medical professionals and an advisory resource for everyone on their body-transformation journey. We feel it’s part of our role not only to empower but also to encourage individuals to overcome their fears and doubts about surgical implants.

We care about
safety and quality.

We have a proven record of providing products with a high level of quality and safety. Clinical results at 10 years post-implantation demonstrate the excellent safety and performance of our breast implants when used in breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery.