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Total Breast Reconstruction™
The New Standard of Care by GC Aesthetics®

The At GCA® we believe a Total Breast Reconstruction™ is not only a choice, but a pathway for women to a full recovery after a mastectomy. We are committed to deliver safe options that establish a newer, higher, and more beneficial standard of care for women who seek to recover their breast and nipple shape, look, and feel.

GC Aesthetics® your partner in
Breast and Nipple Reconstruction,
with a complete, reliable and safe portfolio.

We provide the most comprehensive implant portfolio in the industry with breast, nipple-areola, face, body implants, skin expanders and complementary products to support the best outcome for women undergoing immediate and delayed breast reconstruction surgery.

Meet Eve™ 4.0
The digital experience in consultation

Impress your patients and effectively engage them with an augmented reality simulation of how they could look post operation. A unique experience for patients who are considering breast surgery.

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Breast Implants
Total Breast Reconstruction™ and Cosmetic Surgery

GCA® collaborates with the medical community to develop high-quality breast implants to best suit each patient and plastic surgeon’s individual needs: a full range of round implants with traditional Smooth, Smooth Opaque, Micro-textured and Textured surfaces₁, supporting women’s health and patient safety throughout their journey.

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A Complete Range of Implants by Shape and Surface Roughness

GCA® Breast Tissue Expander

Meet Blossom™ IVTE Breast Tissue Expanders

Blossom™ IVTE, the Integrated Valve Tissue Expander by GC Aesthetics® is designed to gradually stretch the tissue next to the implantation area. Once the tissue has expanded enough, the device is removed and the extra tissue can then be used where it is required, such as preparing for permanent prosthesis implantation.

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GCA® Breast Implant

Discover Luna XT™
The anatomical micro-textured breast implant by GC Aesthetics®

Luna XT™ is an industry-leading innovation to meet the needs of both surgeons and patients in breast reconstruction procedures. The implant technology fulfils all the rigorous standards required for medical devices and has reliable long-term performance.

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Nipple Reconstruction

Meet FixNip™ NRI

FixNip™ NRI: The Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Implant

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Surgical Devices

Meet Puregraft™

Puregraft™, the recently integrated Bimini Health Tech solution for fat grafting.
Puregraft™ makes fat grafting simple, effective and predictable. It contributes to superior patient outcomes in plastic and reconstructive surgery.1

Surgical Devices

Discover HydroCone™

HydroCone™, the GCA® breast implant delivery system that can help you to achieve a better outcome, by optimizing your time during surgery and reducing risk of complications

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Meet NOA™ by GC Aesthetics®

GC Aesthetics® offers a new range of medical-grade compression garments that help to optimize post-surgery results and facilitate your patients recovery and comfort.

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Discover the GCA Comfort Plus™ Warranty

GC Aesthetics® offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty to provide replacement GCA® Breast Implants.

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Total Breast Reconstruction™ Physician Brochure

FixNip™ NRI Physician Brochure

Luna XT™ Physician Brochure

HydroCone™ Brochure

Noa™ Brochure

GCA Comfort Plus™ Warranty Brochure

GCA® Product Catalogue 2023

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