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GC Aesthetics® Surgical Solutions

We are proud to have over 40 years of experience to be Surgeon’s choice across 70+ countries, to have over 3.000.000 implants fitted in the last 10 years.

Surgical Devices

Meet HydroCone™

HydroCone™, the GCA® breast implant delivery system that can help you to achieve a better outcome, by optimizing your time during surgery and reducing risk of complications² ³ ⁴ ⁵.

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GCA® Breast Implants

Backed by years of continuous research and development, GC Aesthetics® offers a comprehensive range of silicone implants for breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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Meet our GCA® Body Implants

We are proud to have over 40 years of experience to be Surgeon’s choice also for body implants. These can be intended to replace missing body parts, body functions or provide support to tissues. Patients can look and feel better with a perfectly proportioned body.

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Gluteal Implants




Calf Implants




Testicular Implants



Facial Implants


Thin semi-lune

Wide semi-lune

GCA® Remote Valve Tissue Expanders

Remote Valve Tissue Expanders are designed to gradually strech the tissue adjacent to the implantation area (normally the skin). Once the tissue has expanded sufficiently, the device is removed and the extra tissue can then be used where it is required (burns, scars, etc.).

Tissue expanders can be used on the body and can also be used in preparation for permanent prosthesis implantation. RVTE must be filled with a sterile isotonic solution only. A fill tube is connected to every tissue expander to allow the device through an injection port.

Main features

Smooth Surface Roughness¹

1 injection port size (28mm)¹

Self-sealing valve¹

Radio-Opaque tubing and valve base¹

Ease of detection on X-ray¹

Reinforced base¹

Supplied Sterile¹

Nipple Reconstruction

Meet FixNip™ NRI

FixNip™ NRI: The Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Implant

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Surgical Devices

Meet Puregraft™

Puregraft™, the recently integrated Bimini Health Tech solution for fat grafting.
Puregraft™ makes fat grafting simple, effective and predictable. It contributes to superior patient outcomes in plastic and reconstructive surgery.1

GCA® Catalogue

GCA® Catalogue


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