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When it comes to breast implants, there are shapes, sizes, surfaces and different types of gel. Discover and learn more about Breast Implants.

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GCA® Breast Implants



Available in both textured and smooth surface, the IMPLEO™ round breast implant, was designed to meet surgeon unmet needs. It features ultra-cohesive yet soft, form stable 6th generation gel.¹


The novel Round Breast Implant with (r)evolutionary BioQ™ - Surface technology and highly cohesive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel. It has a unique smooth opaque surface and highly cohesive gel with an exclusive formulation in a large range of sizes and projections.¹

The Round Collection™

Available in both microtextured and smooth surface, The Round Collection™ is supported by 10-year safety data. Proven to be high quality, safe round breast implants. The Round Collection™ provides a wide range of products, including two types of gel cohesivity, and four different projections - from low to extra-high.¹

Luna XT™

Luna XT™, an anatomical micro-textured breast implant, the first breast implant in the market under the latest Medical Device Regulations (MDR). The implant technology fulfils all the rigorous standards required for medical devices and has reliable long-term performance.


The anatomical breast implant with textured surface and cohesive yet soft gel. Offers a variety of sizes and volumes to adapt to surgeon and patient needs. It’s technology includes tapered edges for less visibility and palpability. ¹

Blossom™ IVTE

Blossom™ IVTE, the Integrated Valve Tissue Expander by GCA® is designed to gradually stretch the tissue next to the implantation area. Once the tissue has expanded enough, the device is removed, and the extra tissue can then be used where it is required, such as preparing for permanent prosthesis implantation.


GCA Comfort
Plus™ Warranty

The results you want, the peace of mind you deserve. GCA® is committed to you and millions of patients worldwide. We have the most extensive free-of-charge warranty in the industry. Why? Because we strongly believe in the quality and proven safety of our Breast Implants.


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